AZTEC - Mix 'n' Match 11

AZTEC - Mix 'n' Match 11


How does this wallpaper work?
Aztec wallpaper is not designed to match up or repeat.  Apply one strip, no need for wastage, continue with the next strip from where the last one ended, or from wherever you desire. Mix with other patterns within the collection. The collection of colours and patterns has been carefully designed to compliment each other without the need for matching. 

Width: 52cm  
Length: 10m  
Pattern Size: No Repeat
Coverage: 5.2m² (56ft²)  

Delivery: Made to order 1 - 3 weeks

Material: 180gsm non woven paste the wall quality. Spongeable for cleaning purposes. Paper used is from a FSC accredited source.  Hanging and preparation instructions are included. Colours will vary slightly from on-screen to actual print. 

EU Fire Rating: B-S1, d0 Class 1. Suitable for hanging anywhere in commercial or domestic premises.

Print Method: Designed and digitally printed in England, UK

Inks: Solvent based pigments.

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The Mix ‘n’ Match 11 collection introduces Iso, Persia, Geo, Mosaic, Aztec, Lavish and Stack, showcasing a unique blend of pattern and exuberant colour! Drawing inspiration from a multitude of daily encounters from fashion to architecture, colour and geometrics, the collection provides a strong visual statement for the interior space. With a choice of seven patterns the Mix 'n' Match concept is sustainable in design. Designed digitally, the patterns can endlessly be displayed within a mixture of combinations or as single strips.