New Miami 18 Wallpaper

The world is huge place and we are blessed to travel it and find the most amazing sources of inspiration. Summer 2018, loving all things latin culture…we decided to visit Puerto Rico and Miami! Both places oozed their own characteristics and identity and it was very easy to be captured by their charms.

Miami is in our top three places we have traveled. The people, culture, design scene was certainly a bit of us. From Wynwood to Little Havana there were pockets of inspiration everywhere. Miami is known for its Art Deco magnificence and its pastel palettes. Using our camera to record the essence of the city we captured elements of shape and pattern and transformed our visual journey into a new wallpaper, Miami 18.

The roll has a free match and is non repetitive. Play with the 10m roll to create a composition that is unique to your interior space. The wallpaper adopts large graphic art deco shapes with pastel pink, grey, white and black tones. We wanted to keep a pastel tone to the wallpaper as these colours were very iconic to the buildings we observed.

Miami 18 is available to purchase via the online store and we ship worldwide. Thinking about a colour change, just get in touch to discuss your ideas. Hope you love this new design as much as we enjoyed creating it!