It's Black or White

I love the simplicity of a black and white wallpaper as a combination, it can be enough to add a striking feature within any interior space. Using black and white as your base colours allows you to add pops of vivid or pastel colours throughout your furnishings fabrics and accessories. Below are my favourite black and white geometric wallpapers, whether you wish to mix 'n' match it up or repeat! The choice is yours. Please get in touch if you have any queries.

Top - Mix n Match 15 \ Monochrome Wallpaper
Middle - KG Basics 16 \ Rocco Black Wallpaper
Bottom - KG Basics 16 \ Sparkle Black Wallpaper

Each roll is 52cm by 10m, printed digitally and retails for £95.00 per roll. Lead time is 1-3 weeks.